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Handy headshots

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Having been on the client side for many years, I’ve been on many a photo shoot. “That’s right dear, jump, swish your hair!” So to now be in front instead of behind (well actually it was more by the snack table grazing away) of the camera is nerve-wracking. But the lovely Karen Hatch, fab photographer, made me feel right at home. I’ve used Karen for years, from backstage to front-of-house shoots and launches as well as product shots. Headshots for an actor – I totally get that. But for voice acting? Across mainland Europe, CVs for even the non-creative industries always require headshots to be added. 

So for voice acting? Yes a definite YES. We’re actors, of the voice. Showcase yourself! Whatever your voiceover focus, the client will definitely want to see you. As a former client on the other side of that glass, I always looked at the images. For anything, even choosing promotional material suppliers. Pictures+ paint = 1000 words – and they give you a sense of the person. In our portfolios it’s another tool to connect with the client. They want a voice to connect to a product, brand or service. Make them hear AND see that it is you they are after!   popart