Please watch the latest collection of videos I have voiced for clients globally. From luxury hotels and holidays to business tools and much more I work with clients to find the sound for their brand, product and services. I ensure that we find their voice so that their audiences can hear their brand as well as see and read it. 

Advertisements, funding, fun, social media, informative, interesting and professional videos that convey information to audiences are found below. 

Enjoy watching Tiny Pop intros, CEMS Tertiary Education, LSE funding and how to motivate staff with Perkbox. 

This next voiceover project was really inspiring. “Billy is feeling Sad” is a wonderful teaching aid for School Children. The aim of this video is to show Children about feelings and how they can deal with some of the more difficult ones that we all experience. Marian Ryan has worked with schools and parents and children to adapt this story to make a real difference. It is fun, relatable to children and easy to understand. And I love the graphics as well.