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Find your Perfect Voice Over Artist

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What does the perfect voice mean to your business? Having spent over 15 years working in the creative industry I have a good ear for matching a voice to a brand.  I am a British female voice over artist with much experience in bringing stories to life through an entire range of productions including corporate videos, video games, commercials & audio dramas

Only a professional voice over can deliver a script that encapsulates the audience, provides clarity without dryness and conveys emotion without the melodrama. But with so many wonderful and characterful VOs out there, how do you find your perfect voice over, no matter the project?  Here are a few of my top tips to follow when you need to find that perfect voice over.

Think about accent and dialect

Would the Churchill insurance TV ad work to the same effect if the iconic bulldog mascot didn’t have that beautiful British accent? Probably not. It works because it’s in keeping with the brand, it fits the character and it is a voice that is familiar and relatable. 

When you first start looking for a voice over, think about what accent might appeal most to your audience. Despite a few exceptions, typically the best accent to choose is the one your audience can relate to. However, if your company is international but has a strong link to its origin, say an Australian beer or perhaps an Italian pasta sauce company, then it would be wise to match the voice to the brand.

It may be the case that regional dialects come in to play too. For more on British accents, take a look at my recent post ‘Why is the British accent so adored?’

Striking an emotional chord

Whether you’re creating an advertisement, an instructional video, or an audio drama, your voice over must hit the right emotional note with your target audience. These emotional ties help to instil a positive impression and create a sense of trust. For example, if you are creating a training video for medical equipment or software then you’ll want to project an image of confidence, efficiency and compassion.  It is the voice actor’s performance that brings authenticity to your brand.

Appealing to the right demographic

Try to keep your chosen voice in line with the target demographic. Consider whether male or female voice over would be most appropriate. For example, if your target market is females aged 25-50 then a voice that fits this description is likely to have the most credibility.

Ensure consistency and professionalism

Looking back to the Churchill ad, if you were to hear the voice over for the Churchill bulldog (“ohh yes”), you would instantly picture the character, and thus the brand.  It is this consistent performance that makes it recognisable and instantly improves our perception of the product/service. All businesses strive to create this kind of brand recognition, so think about choosing a voice over who can represent your brand in the long run and provide that consistency.

Look for high quality demos

Finally, once you’ve understood what your brand’s perfect voice should sound like, you can then search for the voice over actor. All professional VOAs will have high quality demos that show off the whole range of their vocal talent. Listen to the demos carefully; imagine how it would fit to your brand.  Narrow down your search and then get in touch with a handful of artists for more details. The right talent will begin to work with you by understanding exactly what it is you require from them.  After all, a great VOA will strive to understand the needs of every project before delivering the script.