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I'm really excited to share that one of my voiceover jobs is finally out and I can talk about it publically. I'm so excited about this one because the whole recording process was a dream. It will remain as one of my most cherised memories of voiceover life. 

Far Cry Audio Drama

Back in November 2021 I was asked to audition for a voiceover role for an audio drama. I love doing auditions so did the audition and let it go. I always do because you have to. To hold onto every audition you do is stressful. So I recorded my lines and let it go. I heard back a few days later saying that I was cast for the drama. And yes it is finally out! 

Lorraine Ansell in Far Cry

What is Recording an Audio Drama like?

The best fun! It was great to work with Adele from Sound Cuts as she gave such great direction. I love it when a director is invovled because it is a like a collaborative piece of performance art. But the most fun was because I was in a room recording with a bunch of other actors and that brings a spark to the read like nothing else. Why? Because we vibe with each other, we egg each other on, we learn from each other and we listen to each other. Listening to your recording group is a real skill. You want aunthenticity to the characters without being forced and a group session adds a lot more naturalness to the whole job. 

How does a group voice session work?

In our case in a studio in London just up from Kings Cross, it was a bit like group sessions and individual performances. So Adele would talk about a scene and we as a crowd would act and voice and then change performance as Adele asked us to. In some scenes we would indiviudally voice lines or improv. I love this part. Adele would go around asking each of us in turn to say "wake up slowly and realise something has changed." And everyone gave such individual performances and your role as an actor is to give a different unique performance. It's great because in scenes like this, I can visualise the scene, I'm relly there, waking up with my compatriots and sharing a realisation. It's such a connected way to perform, the buzz of playing together is excellent.

What are the challenges of crowd work in voicing?

I always find the whole thing really stiumulating. The challenges are trying to portray a group of characters for the soundscape of the drama that are real truthful. So when we chant as a crowd, I have my book of phrases from my research I did. We could shout out loud but not swear even in Spanish so we had a few juicy insults. However many of them I wouldn't use in my everyday life but the characters would so staying true to that can be a challenge but shows off another facet of yourself. And I have a little book of words or phrases or grunts for every job like this. It is a great way to keep characters in your head so you can voice them later on especially in long sessions. 

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Check us out! I did a group session with Ana, Laura, Simone and Vicky and with the fab Susie down the line! 

Lorraine Ansell Far Cry